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PostedOn: Feb 27 2014

Arya samaj matrimony

The Arya Samaj marriage ceremony has no showy rituals. The wedding rites are few, but rich in significance, as well as the Vedic mantras chanted during the process are explained to the couple so that the significance is not really lost on them. The Arya Samaj marriage ceremony is an option for people of every religions - any one are capable of having an Arya Samaj marriage event. The pre-wedding and post-wedding ceremonies rely on the regional and ethnic background of the pair. An Arya Samaj marriage ceremony is focused on fire worship and marks the transition of the couple from Brahmacharya ashram (the condition of celibacy) to Grihastashram (the lifestyle of a wedded person)

Arya samaj matrimony traditions

Here we have 3 different phases in Arya Samaj Wedding Traditions




Arya samaj matrimony - pre-wedding rituals

·         Ladies' Sangeet

·         Mehndi  

·         Brahmbhoj

·         Chudha and Nath

Arya samaj matrimony - Wedding rituals

·         The rituals for the bride and groom

·         Thread Ceremony and Yagnya

·         Kanya Daan

·         Pratigya Mantra  

·         Shilarohan

·         Parikrama

·         Kesh Mochan

·         Saptapadikriya

·         Suryadarshan  

·         Hriday Sparsh  

·         Sindoor Daan

·         Dhruv Darshan

Arya samaj matrimony - post-wedding rituals


·         Taking off the Chudha

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