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Telugu Matrimony

Telugu speaking people mostly live in and around Andhra pradesh. Telugu people perform their wedding in a unique way. Let us check the telugu wedding uniqueness. The Telugu matrimony ceremony generally lasts for 5 or more days depending on the finances of both the families. The bride and the groom follow certain rituals in the telugu matrimony ceremony. They complete seven revolutions around the sacred fire and also make seven pledges to stay with each other throughout their lives. It is also ensured that the whole ceremony in Telugu matrimony takes place in the presence of Panchabhutaalu which is the five most important elements of life.  The wedding venue is decorated beautifully with fresh flowers.

Telugu Matrimony - The pre-wedding customs

Firstly engagement is done where the matrimony date is fixed according to the horoscopes of both bride and groom. On this occasion, the bride’s mother-in-law presents her some beautiful gold and silver ornaments and clothes. Snaatakam is usually performed few hours before telugu matrimony in which the  bridegroom is asked to wear a silver thread on his body. In Kaasi Yatra, the groom pretends to go to Kashi and bride’s brother try to stop him and persuade him to take over his family responsibilities.

Telugu Matrimony -The post-wedding customs 

Include Gruhapravesham in which after the Telugu Matrimony, the bride enters the groom’s house and she is welcomed by all the family members and relatives of groom.  Then Satyanarayana Vratam is performed  in the groom’s house on any day except New-Moon by bride and the groom. Finally, sixteen days after the telugu matrimony, uniting of the Mangalasutram is performed which indicates the harmony between two families. At last, the bride wears a new sari after taking bath.

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